Laptop Repair & Upgrades

Laptops have numerous fragile parts laid out in tight, complex configurations, making it essential that laptop technicians have extensive training and experience to effectively perform upgrades and repairs. Tech On-Site laptop technicians have formal lab-based training and years of experience and can competently repair and upgrade almost any model laptop.

Our laptop services include repairing, replacing or upgrading the following components:

  • LCDs
  • DC Power Jacks
  • Keyboards
  • Hard Drives
  • Memory

Other issues we commonly see with laptop PCs are freezing and “blue screens.” While the causes of these problems can be hardware or software based, our technicians have the necessary diagnostic tools and expertise to fix them.

Interested in making your laptop faster than ever? Have us replace your existing hard drive (HDD) with a new solid state digital drive (SSD). SSDs are much faster than HDDs, more durable, quieter and consume less power. Take our word for it - go SSD!


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