Data Backup

Important data should be backed up regularly to an alternate, reliable and secure source other than your computer’s system hard disc, as hard discs often fail. Not having a reliable backup solution in place can lead to devastating and costly problems for businesses, and heartbreak for those who lose their electronic photos and videos.

Tech On-Site highly recommends our cloud-based backup partner, Carbonite. Carbonite is a low-cost, simple-to-use and reliable off-site backup solution. Just set it and forget it - it works in the background, continuously backing up data as you work. Click any of the Carbonite logos in this website, and you will be directed to Tech On-Site's Carbonite partner page.

Tech On-Site technicians can recommend and implement secure and reliable backup solutions to safeguard your valuable data; from affordable but effective external backup drives, to the most reliable and secure alternative– remote, online data backup.

Data Recovery

For a variety of reasons, hard drives often fail, making the data on them inaccessible to an operating system. It is also often incorrectly assumed that data loss is permanent. At Tech On-Site, we understand how disturbing it is to lose irreplaceable personal or business data. Fortunately, our technicians can, in most instances, recover data using a variety of means including sophisticated data recovery software.


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