PC Tune-Up

Over time, computers slow down - it’s just their nature. Internet activity, program installation, file storage and of course, malware, all contribute to drain system resources which can make for a sluggish pc. Tech On-Site technicians are experts in tune-up techniques and can restore your computer to like-new performance.

Our tune-up procedures include:

  • Malware removal
  • Removal of unneeded programs
  • Preventing unnecessary applications from loading at startup
  • Repairing system registry
  • Defragmenting and optimizing system disc
  • Our secret blend of performance tweaks
  • Installing all operating system updates
  • Updating key applications
  • Sometimes the best method to optimize system integrity and speed is to restore the operating system and all desired programs. The computer is then as fast and stable as it was when new - faster actually, once we've implemented our tuning procedures and performance tweaks.

    If your computer is slow, freezing, blue screens or otherwise driving you crazy, give us a call! We'll speed it up.

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